The expertise of a design agency with the flexibility of a freelancer.

When you work with me you get the benefits of deep experience, effective communication, and reliable delivery without the hassle of bureaucracy or the cost of overhead. I’ll inject a fresh design perspective and rigorous process with the utmost commitment to your success.

Venn diagram
I put the needs of your customer first. Always. Effective digital design starts with understanding the human experience, balanced by business goals and technological constraints.
Ethical design
Design can make the world better, but it also has the power to cause harm. I only partner with those whose products make a positive contribution to the world.
Direct & efficient
When you work with me you talk directly to the source. Unlike an agency, no communication is muddled in bureaucracy. I become an efficient part of your team, working the way you like to work.
No problem too big
I like solving complex design problems and building mission-critical design systems. No customer experience is too complicated to uncover an elegant, scalable solution.
No detail too small
I’m known for my acute attention to detail, ensuring that every little interaction that makes an experience enjoyable and accessible is considered.
Deeply committed
When you hire me, you buy a plot of mental real estate in my brain until the job’s complete. It’s total, continuous commitment built on a passion for delivering success.
Fiercely collaborative
I believe the best results come from intimate collaboration, constant feedback, and frequent iteration. I partner with NZ’s best professionals to challenge my viewpoint and expand my capabilities.
I have strong design beliefs and am not afraid to express them. But I’m also curious and open to new ideas, ready to adapt and evolve when better solutions present themselves.
Pragmatic perfection
I balance my drive for exceptional work with a common-sense approach to tools and timelines. It’s world-class design without the snobbery.

Less genius, more genuine.

Fewer buzzwords, more results.

Less trendy, more trusted.

Fewer clients, more partners.

Less guesswork, more teamwork.

Jeff Tebbutt Jeff Tebbutt UX & UI Lead @ Vodafone NZ

Benek’s design work is impeccable and everything he produced had been thoroughly thought out and finely tuned, and done at near-impossible pace. His ability to easily grasp complex systems and business rules and then translate them into intuitive and usable interactions made him a very valuable person to have on the team.

Matt Currie Matt Currie Head of CX @ GO Rentals

Benek was hungry to innovate and deliver great work, smart with his management of stakeholders and different needs/perspectives, and humbly focused on business results and client success.

Selected clients

  • Tend
  • PredictHQ
  • Client nzme
  • Vodafone NZ
  • GO Rentals
  • Client nzh
  • AUT
  • Z Energy
  • Client harrows
  • Imagr
  • Te Aka
  • SendOwl
  • Auckland Art Gallery
  • Client newtech
  • Brewshop
  • InternetNZ
  • Animates
  • Te Whanake
  • ChildFund NZ
  • Daniel Marshall Architects
  • Studio John Irving Architects
  • Europlan
  • Xero
  • Lumo
Auckland, New ZealandTāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa