Reinventing a collaborative design culture for New Zealand creatives to thrive in.


Design Reinvented

The traditional design agency model is failing its employees and its clients. Together, we’ll build the next-generation creative culture to replace it.

Many creatives find the agency atmosphere inefficient, the attitudes lazy and lacking in innovation, their experience and skills undervalued while they’re overworked, and most critically the work is rarely meaningful or interesting.

Clients can find working with design agencies slow, inefficient, expensive, and lacking in honesty and transparency, all while returning only mediocre or immeasurable results.

Tasman+Pacific is the New Zealand design anti-agency. We’re reinventing the collaborative design culture that creatives thrive in, and refocusing the client’s experience on efficient communication, honest work, and smart business advice.

Why Become a Member?

If you’re a freelancer or owner of your own small business, join Tasman+Pacific to enjoy: Collaboration, feedback, critique, advice; Efficient processes & clear communication; Meaningful work; High expectations; Challenging ideas; Innovative service; Individual growth; Passion not just profit; Side project support; Working with the best people.

Become an invaluable partner for clients by offering our: Business-first approach; User-centric design; Direct communication; Honesty and transparency; Uncompromising focus on client goals; Mutual respect; Small & diverse team; Cost-effective services; Agile, astute, innovative thinking.

Assembling Now

I'm looking for the best designers, developers, branding experts, AI / UX designers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, animators, strategists, marketers, and other digital creatives in New Zealand. Skill, experience, creativity, and above all else professionalism required. Let's get together and start something awesome!


If you want to become a Tasman+Pacific member or you know someone else who should be, get in touch.

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